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Are you thinking about buying a new home or selling your existing home? You have come to the right place! A real estate transaction is a complex process that takes time, effort and a skilled negotiator. It takes a professional who has learned the ins and outs of a real estate transaction to help you navigate your way to a successful closing! As a real estate professional, I have dedicated myself to helping you through the home buying and selling process!  If you are concerned about the costs to sell a home or if you have heard about flat fee MLS listings, half price listings or FSBO ( for sale by owner listings ) please contact me and we can figure out what plan will work best for you. I am very flexible with sellers. 

To get an idea of what homes are selling for in your neighborhood, please contact me. I will be happy to prepare a Home Evaluation at no cost and no obligation! If you are interested in buying a new home, I can provide you with a list of properties that fit your needs! I can also send you a list of the hottest new properties to hit the market on a daily basis! Please contact me to get set up. In addition, please let me know if you are interested in touring any of the homes you see on my website as I'd love to show them to you at your convenience.  I specialize in first time home buyers, starter homes, horse properties, condos, townhomes, luxury homes and even custom built homes.  I can help you with every real estate need, big or small.

Here are a few quick facts about myself:

  • I have lived in Utah my entire life.  I am familiar with the Wasatch Front and surrounding areas.
  • I have been 100% self-employed for the past 14 years.
  • I am patient and understanding.  I am never demanding or pushy in any way.
  • I have made the Equity Real Estate Top Agent list 11 times
  • I earn peoples trust the old fashioned way
  • I do the "little things" that other agents do not
  • I am not fake or full of false promises
  • I am not desperate, a desperate agent is a dishonest agent


When at listing appointments, this is the most common question I am asked: 

(Q) what makes you different than other Realtors?   Why should I hire you to sell my home?

(A)  Most agents talk a lot but do nothing more than throw a sign in your yard and you never hear from them again. They expect the MLS to do their job and they refuse to invest any personal time or money to actively market their listings.   I take pride in being involved with my clients the entire time.  When you hire me as your agent I create and distribute flyers (on my dime) while actively marketing the property in person and online.  I am a big fan of open houses and will work around your schedule to provide as many open houses as possible. These little things are what makes me different and it's why I am able to bring my clients the results they are looking for.

In short, I never stop working until your home is sold.  When you hire me you are not hiring a team of assistants who have no vested interest in helping you. You are hiring ME and therefore I will be there from beginning to end and I will be the one you communicate with the entire time.  I take pride in what I do and every transaction is very personal to me.  My reputation means everything so I will do everything in my power to exceed your expectations.

I have confidence in saying there is no other agent who will work harder than I will to bring you results.  I am proactive, dedicated and a skilled negotiator.  Feel free to test me, if you are not happy with what I can offer you then you can fire me and hire someone else. I understand that trust is earned and I am confident I will earn yours if given the opportunity.  Let's sit down and go over your situation and come up with a plan that is fair to you.  I am flexible on commissions and have many options to choose from.  I will save you thousands of dollars when you hire me to sell your home.


When helping people purchase a home,  this is the most common question I am asked:

(Q) Why should I hire an agent when I can find homes myself and work directly with the homeowner/listing agent?

(A) This answer is a simple one.  BECAUSE IT'S FREE! You don't pay me a penny from beginning to end when using me to purchase a home.  The way real estate works is the buyer’s agent (myself) are paid by the sellers, not the buyers.  There are many reasons why you want an agent on your side when purchasing a home. Here are a few:

  • You pay zero commissions to a buyer’s agent
  • I am a skilled negotiator and save my clients 7-15k on average.
  • I structure offers that works best for YOU and your situation
  • Such as: moving dates, home warranties, repairs & closing costs
  • Use my gas! I will drive you around to show you homes that fit your criteria if desired
  • I have a keen eye for potential problems and can help you find them ahead of time
  • I invest the time to weed out hundreds of homes in order find you what you are looking for 
  • I handle all the paperwork so you can focus on what's important
  • I am there to help you from beginning to end, while answering all your questions along the way.
  • I save my clients 7-14k on average which means lower house payments and more money in your pocket!
  • Hiring me as your buyer’s agent is a stress free experience (plus it's a lot of fun!)


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